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Ron Yost Personal Assistance Services Board Seeking Members

November 2, 2016 Attachments

Interested Persons:

The West Virginia Statewide Independent Living Council is recruiting nominations of individuals with disabilities to fill vacancies on the Ron Yost Personal Assistance Services Board.

The Council is mandated by Section 18, Article 10L of the West Virginia Code to maintain a standing committee to serve as the consumer-controlled board to direct the Division of Rehabilitation Services in the implementation of this program. The Ron Yost Personal Assistance Services Program is a State funded service provided through the State Plan for Independent Living, developed and implemented jointly with the Division of Rehabilitation Services.

Legislatively, the board is required to meet at least quarterly, but usually meets monthly to review applications for eligibility and to address policy and other governing issues for the program. Board members will be compensated for allowable expenses incurred as a result of active participation on the board.

Individuals nominated must have a severe disability (a physical, mental, or sensory impairment that affects one or more major life activity), be dedicated to the development and growth of the Ron Yost Personal Assistance Services Program, and be committed to attending meetings and actively participate on the board. You may wish to nominate yourself or another person (with their permission) for membership on this board. Please feel free to duplicate this notice to share with as many individuals as you wish.

Completed nominations must be received in the SILC office by November 30, 2016. If you have questions or need further information or assistance, please contact:

Ann McDaniel, Executive Director at (304) 766-4624 (voice/TDD)
or call toll free at:
1-855-855-9743 (voice/TDD)

PO Box 625
Institute, WV 25112-0625(304) 766-4721 (fax)

Ron Yost Personal Assistance Services Board Nomination Solicitation Letter (doc)

on Yost Personal Assistance Services Board Application (doc)