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How Will You Celebrate the ADA?

How Will You Celebrate the ADA?

This month will mark the 27th anniversary of the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This landmark civil rights legislation has changed lives and formed the basis for similar legislation in countries around the world. We’ve shared personal reflections on the ADA from our Director, Mark Odum, and other NARIC staff members, on life before and after the ADA and what it means to have a “seat at the table.” It’s amazing to consider that there are young adults with disabilities, including college students, job seekers, and newcomers to the workforce, who have grown up with the ADA. We wish we could say these young people don’t know a world with barriers to places, programs, and services, but these barriers (physical, digital, programmatic, and attitudinal) still exist. Change is happening, however, and we here at NARIC will celebrate the future of access and participation for everyone! How are you and your organization celebrating the ADA? Share your plans in the comments!