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AT in IEPs

AT in IEPs

-by Staff Attorney Erin Snyder

The Individualized Education Planning (IEP) process is a great opportunity to collaborate on the delivery of supports and services for students with disabilities. School districts are responsible for providing assistive technology (AT) devices and services a student needs to benefit from their educational program. The IEP team will make a determination of what these needs are through evaluations and assessments. It is important to take into consideration the student’s disability, environment, technology options, and preferences when considering AT devices and services. Playing an active part as a member of the IEP team during the AT evaluation, eligibility and determination processes, will help students succeed from school to the workplace.

The West Virginia Developmental Disabilities Council (WVDDC) and Disability Rights of West Virginia (DRWV) have developed: A Parent’s Advocacy Guide to Special Education for family members, students, educators, and advocates for students with disabilities. This Companion Guide to the WV Department of Education Policy 2419 was created in response to parents’ requests to have instruction and materials to help them better understand special education policies and procedures in West Virginia. The Guide is available free of charge and can be obtained by calling DRWV and requesting a copy. It can also be found on DRWV’s website.  This Guide contains information on the AT Evaluation Process, including a Sample Letter that parents may use to ask the school to complete an AT Evaluation.

DRWV can be reached at 800-950-5250; or