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Latest Ask JAN (Job Accommodation Network) Blog Series

Ask JAN (Job Accommodation Network) Blog Series: A Farmer in Our Midst – An Interview with JAN’s Own Dr. Beth Loy Posted by Kim Cordingly on May 22, 2018 under Accommodations, Entrepreneurship / Self Employment, Organizations, Products / Technology, Veterans Issues | Be the First to Comment As the Lead Consultant on JAN’s self-employment team, I’m often fielding questions from individuals with disabilities interested in starting a business in agriculture. These types of businesses include a diverse range such as organic vegetable farms, egg producers, herb and flower growers, livestock/ranch businesses, fish production, fruit farms, Christmas tree growers, equine therapy, and sheep/wool producers. We have even received questions about farm tourism where guests vacation at a family farm to experience life there. Often, accommodation issues come into play in the planning of these businesses. We are fortunate at JAN to have an individual who has years of experience as a JAN consultant and manager, an academic and researcher, and mostly… Read More > Latest Ask JAN (Job Accommodation Network) Blog Series

Mental Health Awareness Month: Body and Mind

Mental Health Awareness Month: Body and Mind May 21, 2018 During May, we recognize Mental Health Awareness Month. This observance brings awareness to mental illnesses and identifies and shares resources to help those who are living and working with mental illness. This year’s theme, Fitness #4Mind4Body, challenges us to understand that what we do physically has an impact on our mental health. Paying attention to both your physical health and your mental health may help you achieve overall wellness as you pursue goals on the path to recovery and work. To learn more about your physical and mental health and find advice on how to take care of your body and mind, check out Mental Health America’s (MHA) tool kit, which includes fact sheets. In their fact sheet series, you can learn more about nutrition’s effect on depression and nutrients for better health, how exercise affects hormone and chemical production that affects mood, the importance of getting a good night’s… Read More > Mental Health Awareness Month: Body and Mind

FY 2019 P&O Comment Period

DRWV is asking for comments from the public for Fiscal Year 2019.  Below are the public forums we have scheduled, but you can also call, write, e-mail, fax, or Facebook comments to us.

SSA Blog Post: Social Media and Your Job Search

Social Media and Your Job Search May 14, 2018 When they first popped onto the scene, social media networks were a way to keep up with and share experiences with close friends and family. The people using platforms like Facebook and Twitter were usually young, and employers rarely thought about what job candidates were doing online. We live in a different world today. People of all ages have turned to social media networks to spread their opinions, look for jobs and build relationships with organizations and recruiters. How you manage your social media presence is more important than ever, especially if you’re currently looking for a job. Today we’re sharing some tips on using Facebook and LinkedIn during your job search — and how to think about your social media footprint. Stay professional Fair or not, most companies have the ability to find you online and check your social media profiles. Once you create a personal blog, set up a… Read More > SSA Blog Post: Social Media and Your Job Search

SSA WISE Webinar: Ticket to Work-Working for the Federal Government

Ticket to Work: Working for the Federal Government Wednesday, May 23, 2018 3 – 4:30 p.m. ET Are you age 18-64? Do you receive Social Security disability benefits (SSI or SSDI) and want to earn more money through work? The Ticket to Work (Ticket) program can help you! Join us on May 23, 2018, for the next WISE webinar. We’ll present information on Social Security programs and rules that may apply to you, along with information and resources that may help you find a path to working for the federal government! The presentation will include information on: Federal hiring paths for people with disabilities How the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission can help if you experience discrimination How a Ticket to Work service provider may help you on the path to employment Register online at or call 866-968-7842 or 866-833-2967 (TTY). You will receive a registration confirmation message with instructions on how to log in to the webinar. Please be sure to check your spam folder. Questions? Email us:… Read More > SSA WISE Webinar: Ticket to Work-Working for the Federal Government