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Centers for Independent Living Partner with Humanitarian Bat Mitzvah Project

The Centers for Independent Living received 75 manual wheelchairs this summer to distribute to those in need. Brynn Hochman and her family from Los Angeles have been working with American Wheelchair Mission as part of a humanitarian Bat Mitzvah project. She initially focused her efforts raising money to bring wheelchairs to Vietnam, Africa and Israel. They are now bringing their humanitarian efforts to Appalachians and have partnered with the CILs to identify individuals who need these chairs. For contact information on your local Centers for Independent Living please contact the Statewide Independent Living Council toll free at 1-855-855-9743.

Do you have effective communication with your healthcare providers? Do you have effective communication with your healthcare providers?   Title III of the ADA requires health care providers to ensure that their communications with people with hearing disabilities are as effective as their communications with people without disabilities.   To meet this obligation, health care providers, as well as other public accommodations, must provide auxiliary aids and services unless doing so would cause an undue burden to the facility or fundamentally alter the service being provided.   Although handwritten notes or typed text can be an appropriate auxiliary aid for simple communications, in complex health care-related communications, qualified sign language interpretation may be required.   The individual with a disability cannot be charged extra for the cost of an interpreter or other auxiliary aid.   If you have experienced problems accessing effective communication, and would like DRWV’s assistance, please call DRWV at 800-950-5250 and request an intake.  You may also email DRWV at  

Assistive Technology: Difference Between Audiobooks and Text-to-Speech (TTS)

Both audiobooks and text-to-speech (TTS) can help kids who have reading issues like dyslexia. These types of assistive technology let kids listen to a book being read aloud as they look at the words. But audiobooks and TTS are different in key ways. Use this chart in this link to find out the differences.

WVU Hearing Aid Fund Established to Help Low Income Clients, Honors Morgantown Physician and Former Professor

West Virginia University’s College of Education and Human Services is partnering with the Morgantown Rotary Club to provide hearing aids to low income clients of the WVU Hearing Center through a fund created to honor the late Dr. Hugh Lindsay, MD, PhD. Click here to read more.

Instant Braille Translator Can Fit in Your Hand

Team Tactile, an all-woman band of MIT engineering undergrads, is working on a device that translates Braille in real time.  

Find the Right Channel–Communication Aids for People who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Communication comes in many shapes and sizes: a multi-paged report, a hastily scratched memo on a post-it, a whisper, a shout, a shrug of the shoulder, or a smile. But what if you cannot hear or have difficulty hearing? Does that mean you have to limit your method of communication to paper and pen? By no means! A diverse array of assistive technology (AT) products are available to help you bridge the communication gap.   Click here to read more!

WVATS Spring 2017 Newsletter Available!

Click the link to check out the WVATS Spring 2017 Newsletter! Spring2017Newsletter

Manual Wheelchairs Available at Local CILs!

Need a wheelchair? If you or someone you know needs a new manual wheelchair, a shipment has just been delivered to West Virginia’s Centers for Independent Living (CIL). For further information, please contact your local CIL at: NWVCIL 304-296-6091 North Central WV MTSTCIL 304-525-3324 Huntington area MTSTCIL 304-255-0122 Beckley area ACIL 304-965-0376 Charleston Area

Assistive Technology for the Great Outdoors!

It is fishing and gardening season in West Virginia. Did you know that there is Assistive Technology that could help you enjoy these activities? The West Virginia Assistive Technology Loan Library and Exchange System has the following devices that are available to borrow, free of charge: • Fishing Poll Holder which makes the reel available for one hand operation. • Electric Fishing Wheel Drive with Toggle Switch is an electric Fishing Wheel Drive that allows for the full enjoyment of fighting the fish and feeling the pull without the hard work and tiring effort of cranking. • Fishing Poll Holder for Wheelchairs • Easy Up ATV Garden Seat by Vertex provides lightly padded seating; a handle to help a gardener get up and down; plus a small storage space under the seat for hand tools. • Easi-Grip Garden Fork • Bionic Classic Garden Gloves • Natural Radius Grip Ergonomic Trowel, and Bulb Transplanter, Shovel • Vertex Easy Step Edger Check… Read More > Assistive Technology for the Great Outdoors!

PEAT: How to Know When It’s Time for a TechCheck

PEAT: How to Know When It's Time for a TechCheck ( Read More > PEAT: How to Know When It’s Time for a TechCheck