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People with Disabilities Work – Looking for a Job

‘Looking for a Job’ flyer (PDF).

‘Looking for a Job’ flyer in Large Print (PDF).

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Where can you look for a job?

The Internet offers many sites where you can look for jobs. These sites let you post your résumé online and apply directly via e-mail. Some sites will send you an e-mail with new job listings that meet your needs.

Newspapers have employment sections every day, and most have a larger section on Sundays. Some also have job listings on-line.

Your local library is another place where you can get information on jobs. Libraries have newspapers and computers you can use.

WorkForce West Virginia career centers provide a wide range of services:

  • Skills assessments
  • Job readiness training and job matching services
  • On-line job bank searches, resume writing, and career planning
  • Access to computers, copiers, fax, telephone, and adaptive equipment needed for job seeking activities
  • On-the-job training opportunities
  • Scholarship opportunities

All of these services are free. For more information, visit


Networking is an important part of any job search. Jobs are often filled by word-of-mouth before they are advertised. Start by talking to friends, family, teachers, classmates, neighbors and other people you know. Ask them to keep you in mind if they hear of job openings. Networking can help you:

  • Get information about businesses and job openings
  • Find unlisted jobs
  • Get noticed
  • Improve your chances of having a successful interview

Job Shadowing

Job Shadowing or watching people you know do their work can help you learn more about jobs that interest you. If you get the chance to job shadow dress appropriately for the job.


Volunteering is another way to find out about a specific job or business. Involvement with your community can widen your contacts and improve your job skills. When you volunteer, remember to be professional and honor the time you promised. Contact any organization or agency that interests you to find out about their volunteer opportunities.

Job and Career Fairs

Visiting Job and Career Fairs lets you become familiar with businesses and the job market.

To prepare for a job fair:

  • Learn about participating businesses
  • Know your career goals
  • Be professional in dress and attitude
  • Bring copies of your résumé

Job Interviews

Preparing for a job interview is important. The more you know about a business and its industry, the better. Learn as much as you can about the job and prepare questions to ask during the interview.

Companies and individuals interviewing you cannot ask if you have a disability or ask about the nature of your disability. They can only ask if you can perform the essential duties of the job with or without reasonable accommodation. You can get more interviewing tips at or


It is appropriate to say thank you after being allowed the opportunity to Job Shadow, Volunteer or Interview for a job.