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Medley/Hartley Advocacy Program (MHAP)

The Medley/Hartley Advocacy Program (MHAP) helps assure all active Medley and Hartley class members have behavioral health services, rehabilitation services, free and appropriate public education and individualized treatment in the most integrated setting.

The Medley/Hartley Advocacy Program (MHAP) serves individuals living in the community as well as those committed to medical facilities. Through individual advocacy, training and outreach, the advocates provide services to some of West Virginia’s most vulnerable citizens. The MHAP holds firm the belief that individuals who have intellectual/developmental disabilities or require behavioral health services may lead a life that is dignified, productive and enjoyable, when appropriate supports are in place.

Eligibility Criteria

Must have a diagnosis of Intellectual Disability

Born on or after April 1, 1956, and

Been institutionalized prior to age twenty-three (23) for thirty (30) or more days at William R. Sharpe, Jr. Hospital (Weston State Hospital), Mildred Mitchell - Bateman Hospital (Huntington State Hospital), Lakin Hospital, Colin Anderson Center, Greenbrier Center, Spencer State Hospital, or Hopemont Hospital.

Funding Source

The West Virginia Bureau for Behavioral Health and Health Facilities (BBHHF). The WV Departments of Health and Human Resources (WVDHHR), the WV Department of Education (WV DOE) and the WV Division of Rehabilitation Services (WV DRS)

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