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Administrative Staff

  • Susan Given, Executive Director

  • Barbara Criner, Administrative Director

  • Beverly Gragg, Senior Administrative Assistant

  • Kaitlyn Stowers, Administrative Assistant

  • Roy Mallory, Systems Administrator

  • Terry Hickernell, CERDS (Community Education & Resource Development Specialist)

Legal Staff

Program Staff

  • Taniua Hardy, Program Director

  • Stephanie Thorn, Medley Program Director

  • Jodi Calissie, Data Report Specialist

  • Regina Desmond, Senior Advocate

  • Megan Pigott, Senior Advocate

  • Holly Sheldon, Senior Advocate

  • Shirley Bonnett, Advocate

  • Lisa Brammer, Advocate

  • Jerri Drake, Advocate

  • Sandra Griffith, Advocate

  • Kate Grim, Advocate

  • Debra Grant, Advocate

  • Sheila Reynolds, Advocate

  • Michael Schwartz, Advocate

  • Sandy Sibray, Advocate

  • Tabitha Tincher, Advocate

  • Amy Pike, Advocate

  • Kevin White, Advocate

  • Keeley Wildman, Advocate

  • Alia Tanner, Advocate

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