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Our Staff

Administrative Staff

Susan Given, Executive Director
Barbara Criner, Administrative Director
Josh Stricker, System Administrator
Jessica Carter, Community Education and Resource Development Specialist
Beverly Gragg, Administrative Assistant
Lisa Brammer, Administrative Assistant

Legal Staff

Jeremiah Underhill, Legal Director
Delcie Gorum, Staff Attorney
Erin Snyder, Staff Attorney
Shawna White, Staff Attorney
Jason Parmer, Staff Attorney
Misty Casto, Paralegal

Program Staff

Taniua Hardy, Program Director
Stephanie Thorn, Medley Program Director
Holly Sheldon, Assistant Program Director
Jodi Calissie, Data Report Specialist
Shirley Burgess, Advocate
Megan Pigott, Advocate
Regina Desmond, Advocate
Margie Diekmann, Advocate
Joy Doss, Advocate
Kate Grim, Advocate
Isaac Keenan, Advocate
Laurie McMullen, Advocate
Zineta Sahuric, Advocate
Sandy Sibray, Advocate
Tabitha Tincher, Advocate
Ed West, Advocate
Kevin White, Advocate
Sheila Reynolds, Advocate