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Client Assistance Program (CAP)

The purpose of the Client Assistance Program (CAP) is to help people who want to receive services from the West Virginia Division of Rehabilitation Services (WVDRS) or a Center for Independent Living.

CAP can:

  • Provide information about services and benefits from WVDRS or a CIL

  • Provide information about services and benefits available under the employment title of the American’s with Disabilities Act

  • Assist and advocate for services from the WVDRS or a CIL including:

    • Helping you to communicate with your rehabilitation counselor;

    • Helping you to understand agency policy and federal regulations in relationship to your concern;

    • Helping you resolve your concerns at the lowest possible level if you disagree with a counselor’s decision; and

    • Helping you through the appeals process if you cannot resolve the problem at a lower level

  • Providing you with information concerning your rights under the federal Rehabilitation Act

  • Provide advocacy services as it directly relates to employment for someone receiving services from WVDRS


Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for CAP services a person has to be applying for or receiving services from WVDRS or a CIL. People with disabilities who want information about services or benefits from WVDRS, a CIL or the employment title of the ADA are eligible to receive information and referral services.


Funding Source

U.S. Department of Education, Rehabilitation Services Administration


DRWV’s CAP Publications

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