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Disability Rights of West Virginia
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March is Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month!

Today and throughout the entire month, DRWV wants to shine a light on individuals with developmental disabilities and what they do to make our communities better.  It is an opportunity to raise awareness about the challenges facing individuals with developmental disabilities and their families.  It is also a chance to promote respect, foster understanding and encourage inclusivity.

For our March newsletter, we are pleased to share Lynsay Frye’s article on some things she wants you to know about people with developmental disabilities!

Lynsay is very active in furthering the interests of all individuals with developmental disabilities. She proudly serves on the following:  Developmental Disabilities Council, Chair of the Olmstead Advisory Council, Independent Living Council, and the Employment First Advisory Council.  She is also a member of People First.

Lynsay enjoys nature, taking pictures, riding her bike, and hanging out with her niece.

What I Want You To Know About People With Developmental Disabilities

Article by Lynsay Frye

I want to start off with the most important thing………people with developmental disabilities are PEOPLE!

I am not my disability but my disability is part of who I am.

I would like to be defined by who I am as a person and not my abilities.

I am a unique individual with knowledge, skills, talents, interests and experiences.

I do not want your pity.

Please take the time to get to know me.

I have my own identity.

I feel the same emotions that you do.

I have interests and hobbies.

I experience romantic relationships.

Relax and be yourself when you are getting to know me.

Regardless of the type and degree of the disability, everyone is entitled to choices and the ability to exercise as much personal control as they can on their own or with assistance. I may do things differently than you do but we strive for the same outcomes. Let me be a productive member of society, my contributions may surprise you!


Client Comments

Why we do what we do

My advocate helped me get out of a place I didn’t want to be.  She is a good person.

I really like my advocate.  She is very helpful.

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